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Welcome to VirtualGP, a place dedicated to helping new sim racers learn the basics of what it takes to win races online.

How VirtualGP Was Created

I do have a bit of a background in sim racing. I started in 2019 and instantly became hooked after I started watching Formula 1. My first ever experience with F1 was the 2019 German GP. If you’ve seen that Grand Prix, you’ll know just how lucky I was to have that race be the first one I watched.

In October 2019, I would restart my old YouTube and rebrand it as an F1 gaming channel. This channel would become widely known in the F1 gaming scene as “BushiAntz.”


I would upload tutorials, track guides, online league races, you name it I pretty much uploaded it at some point.

Growing to around 30,000 subscribers & 8 Million+ total views on YouTube, people loved my F1 setups, track guides and just overall helpfulness to the community as a whole even being included in Creator-based events such as the now infamous “F1 Creator Series.”

I also raced in leagues such as WOR & PSGL where I won quite a few races in those highly competitive leagues.

One of my more proud moments is being featured on Podcasts such as Traxion.gg & SIMply Talking.

Sadly, my YouTube journey came to an end in July 2023 but sim racing has been such a huge part of my life that I couldn’t fully let it go. So, I decided to continue passing my knowledge on through VirtualGP.

And that’s where we are today!

How VirtualGP Can Help You

The purpose of VirtualGP is to help new sim racers get into the niche as smoothly as possible. You may have noticed but there are a lot of different Sim Titles, Racing Equipment & even different ways for you to enjoy racing competitively.

I want to help you choose the right path for you to go down to ensure that not only do you start winning races as soon as possible, but you enjoy yourself doing it!

At VirtualGP, I will be posting content that helps you:

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below or email me (anthony@virtualgpracing.com) and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Anthony aka BushiAntz

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